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Last updated: 8/13/2023

Best Digital Thermometer

This is the best digital Thermometer I have owned. I keep one by the stove, bbq grill, and smoker. It is quick, to turn it on just flip out the probe. It instantly reads the temperature. and close for off or let it just auto-off.  

Best Kitchen Sissors

Must have scissors are a must-have in your kitchen. These are easy to hand wash and are dishwasher safe.  The blades on these scissors are super sharp, heavy duty and easily cut through bone like chicken. 

Best Steel Thermos

Everyone should own a thermos. This one is stainless steel, leakproof, with an easy-to-hold handle. This is a classic and brand that’s trusted. We take this us for road trips, camping, and outings like picnics.  We have even found our tea still hot on day 3!

  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • Naturally BPA-Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Insulated Lid Doubles As Cup

Best Splatter Guard

Great way to keep your stove clean! Super easy to use just place it on top of your pots & pans. This is a bundle and includes 13″, 11.5″ 10″, and 8″. For only a couple more dollars then buying just one size. Its Rust proof and dishwasher safe!

Best Colandar

The best colander and is collapsible. I’m not a fan of colanders you need the sink to be clear so you can place it on the bottom. This one hangs on the sink center divider for hands-free. So if your sink is full you can still use it. you can drain everything from fruit to hot pasta. it is large enough and is dishwasher safe.

Best Fire Blanket

For peace of mind. Have this in the kitchen, by the grill, camping anywhere fire issues may happen. I have these everywhere and buy them as gifts for housewarming gifts and family. Super easy to use with no mess to clean up afterward. This doesn’t expired and is reuseable!

Best Drawer Knife Holder

If you are like me, you don’t like to have knives on the counter. Especially if you have young kids around. Also, a safety issue to just have them tossed into a drawer. This solves that it’s slim enough to fit in smaller drawers and well-designed to hold up to 15 Knives.  It is way neater, safer, and sturdy. Made from bamboo. 

Best Dishwasher Sign

For convenience, no guessing if the dishwasher is clean or not.  Super simple to use just slide the sign right or left.

Best Microwave Cover

Keep your Microwave cleaner by covering all your food with this. It will protect from all splatters. It is collapsible for easy storage too. Also, plus you can use it as a strainer for veggies and fruits to rinse. Its BPA free and dishwasher safe.  

Best Snack Basket

I have one of those traditional fruit baskets on my counter as well. However, I found it just doesn’t hold enough. So I got this one and it maximizes my counter space for veggies and bread! I love that the baskets are detachable to access everything.  Super sturdy and easy to assemble. 

Best Wrap & Zippy Bag Organizer

Love this organizer. Makes everything super neat. you can put it in a drawer or hang it on the wall. It comes in three pieces one for zippy bags, wrap/foil, and bonus for anything. You can customize labels for any of the compartments. The wrap /foil containers have sliding blades that are great but not sharp to cut yourself. Its all made form bamboo.

Best Oven Glove

This is the only oven glove you need. I’ve tried every style and material. Since I bake a lot I need something that is functional, slip-proof, and heat-resistant. My hands are so sensitive to heat and some claim they work but I still feel the heat too much. I also go back to these. It is good to 540 degrees. I love that I have five-finger flexibility. Machine washable. 

Best Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine

I have tried a bunch of espresso machines. This is one of the best. It is easy to descale. Easy to use and super quick for amazing coffee. It brews bigger cups of coffee and is single serve whenever you want one. Great to have for when you have company over too.

Best Nespresso Big Pod Holder

A clean-looking holder that efficiently holds a lot of Nespresso pods for the Vertuolin  Big pods. The glass top keeps it easy to clean and keeps any spills from the machine from getting to the pods too.  It holds 40 big pods. it can also hold 40 shorter big pods.

Best Nespresso Original Line Machine

I have tried a bunch of espresso machines. This is one of the best. It is easy to descale. Easy to use and super quick for amazing coffee. It brews smaller cups of espressos and is single-serve whenever you want one. Great to have for when you have company over too.

Best Nespresso Small Pod Holder

A clean-looking holder that efficiently holds a lot of Nespresso pods for the Classic smaller pods. The glass top keeps it easy to clean and keeps any spills from the machine from getting to the pods too.  It holds 42 small originalline pods. Space saving and great presentation.

Best Electric Kettle

My favorite water kettle to date. I use this every day it has an auto shut-off. Boil-Dry protection and when you turn it on it glow led so you know it’s on. It’s mainly glass with a stainless steel filter on the top pourer. It boils water in about 3-5 mins. It also holds 1.7 Liters or 7 cups! I have had this over 5 years and its works perfectly.

Best Rice Cooker & Steamer

Nothing better and easier than having a rice cooker. This is the one I have and I’ve had this trusted brand for over 20 years! It makes rice perfect every time. It stays warm till you unplug it.  It also steams veggies at the same time as making rice! It can also do a bunch of other auto functions like soup, cake, risotto, and more. Super easy to clean the nonstick surface just gets rinsed wipe and put away. 

Best Sparkling Water Maker

Yup, you need a soda stream if you drink a lot of seltzer. This will def save you money and it’s way more convenient and environmentally friendlier.  Super easy to use. you can buy tons of flavoring. The best part is you can go to bed bath, Target, Walmart, or even online for refills. 

Best Slow Cooker

I use slow cookers often and have tried many brands throughout the years. especially since I like to cook having a few cooking at the same time lol. I’ll make a stew and appetizers or sides at the same. Especially for large dinner parties.  This one is by far superior. It’s large enough to make a lot or less you can add divers.  It has a temperature probe if you want to temp a roast and set it to the cooker when to turn it off. It also has a latch to secure the lid for travel. (Note don’t latch it closed while cooking) Digital and programmable. 

Best Slow Cooker Divider

I ordered a few like versions before I found this one. It holds its shape even empty. It fits in the slow cooker I have perfectly. It is bpa free and diswasher safe. 

Best Slow Cooker Liners

These slow cooker liners are a great invention. I hate cleaning the slower cooker, its heavy and akward. These slip right into your slow clooker fits all sizes and when your done toss it. It doesnt melt, is bpa free and totally safe at high temp settings. 

Best Air Fryer

Best Air fryer I have used to date. Works great, the food comes out crispy no need for oils. it is family size. It air fries, roasts, reheats and even dehydrates. Best alternative to reheated compared to the microwave. Also well made and safe for kids to use. 

Best Air Fryer Liner

These are easy to use made from wood pulp, food grade, disposable and good up to 450 degrees.

Best Processor, Dough, Blender 

A Great 4 in-1. I use this as a food processor and blender, and there are tons more uses for it.  Super convenient, and doesn’t take up much space. Well made and includes alot of attachments. 

Best Oil Dispenser

If you cook you need this. It is mess a free dispenser for oils. I have it right on the stove it is convenient and looks clean too. Comes in different sizes.  Incase you drip it goes right back into the bottles.  I have a few different types of oils that are easy to access.

Best Vacumn Sealer

Buy in bulk and use this to save money! Easily vacuum dry and moist foods. The unit is very sturdy and the directions are clear and east. It also does not take up much space which is great. Store leftovers easily and adjust portion sizes to freeze.  I found it is easier to get it set up before even plugging it in.  Easy to clean, the price isn’t crazy and its also easy to marinate with it. Cant do a lot of bags at one time tho. It can over heat after about 5 bags so do it in batches and let it cool down.  

Best Sealer Bag Roll

These rolls work for me just as well as the name brand and I haven’t had one failure to seal so far after using them for several months. The only thing that would make them perfect is if there were a dedicated spot for the date and what is inside like the name brand. However, I just write it on the front with a Sharpie. 

Best Mason Jar Vacuum

 Hands down, this has to be one of the best products I have purchased recently. It has no problem sealing regular-mouth jars or wide-mouth jars.

Best Mason Jar Lids

I wanted plastic air-tight lids since they are non-reactive, won’t rust, and won’t pick up any odors. I even used these on my mason jar hummingbird feeders that I keep outside and tend to rust. This a great fix for that too. This was a good value combo pack. Its reuseableand great in the dishwasher. 

Best Drawer Organizer

Those slim drawers hold a lot of stuff but you can’t find anything if you are like me. I use these to make everything organized and visible. Easy to fit them in like Tetris. Comes with tons of trays so you can use it in multiple drawers as needed. 

Best Drawer Organizer Clear

These are clear, sturdy, and stackable.  Maximize your space. I use these for makeup and office supplies. 

Best Lg Storage bins

Very sturdy clear bins for storage. I use them in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. Comes in tons of sizes.   

Best Slim Storage bins

Very sturdy clear bins for storage. I use them in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. Comes in tons of sizes.   

Best Grater

The cheese was a fine grate and worked wonderfully. The same for the zest of a lemon. It feels sturdy and the handle was comfortable in my hand. I love that it comes with a cover to protect the surface when stored in a drawer.

Best Water Filter Pitcher

I have owned and tested over 10 different brands of water-filtered pitchers.  This is by far the best tasting one. The filters last a long time, and it filters super fast. 

Best Stackable Organizer 

This is great for almost every room. For under the kitchen, pantry bathroom, closets and anywhere. Great help organizing  supplies.  I even have them in my aqarium cabinet for fish supplies!

Best Extra Drawers

Another great drawer organizer that’s in a different style not stackable for smaller spaces. 

Best Trivet

This multi-purpose set is great as a trivet. I also use it for a spoon rest, jar opener and even to grab things out of the microwave. Its heat resistance to 446 degrees. Made from silicone, thick and dishwasher safe. 

Best Collapsible Trivet

If you don’t have much space. These are super compact food-grade silicone that is sturdy. Safe for ovens, microwaves, and diswasher safe. 

Best Kitchen Scale

At some point we need these digital scales in the kitchen. For diets, recipes, even measure young pets hehe. This one is food grade stainless steel. Easy to read, accurate, easy to clean and store. 

Best Bag Organizer

Everyone that keeps plastic bags to reuse has this issue of storing them in cluttery ways. Yea sounds familiar lol. Grab these and easily stuff them with all your plastic bags laying around to easily dispense bags to reuse. 

Best Under Cabinet Light

This works great, motion sensor and is easily recharged with USB. It has a few different brightness settings and comes with a magnetic strip to easy take on and off to charge. We have them under the kitchen cabinets, on the stairs, and in closets. 

Best Fridge Frames

I have tons of artwork from the kids that want them displayed on the fridge. But they end up cluttered and wrinkled etc. This is a sanity saver if your ocd lol. It protects all photos or artwork. Super quick to switch photos out. Hopes standard 8.5 x 11 paper. You can also put important documents or even greeting cards. Looks super neat, everything is protected and it holds a few papers each easily 

Best Mortar and Pestle 

Keep this around for crushing spices, pills, and more. It’s made of granite so hand wash. Looks great and easy to use.

Best Bowl

Best Bowl plate combo we own. It is super easy to store since they are slim and stackable.  I love that it is able to be used as a plate and a bowl. Great for displaying your meals, good size, and easy to hold. Also dishwasher and oven safe.

Best Auto Can Opener

I actually have two of these so I can open twice as much at the same time that I use all the time. lol It gets busy in the kitchen and I like to multitask. Its not the fastest things but its super easy to attach and turn on and then move on to the next task while its doing its thing. Its not hard on my wrist or anything an it cuts clean with no sharp edges or food contact.

Best Butter Keeper

Keep this right on your kitchen counter for soft spreadable butter at all times. All you need to do is pour water into the crock and pack the bell part with softened butter. Be sure to pack it down with no air bubbles. It will stay super fresh. just add water every few day and you can even add a pink of salt to the water. 

Best Cookie Scoop

 Ive gone through a few different brand of scoops that are kinda flimsy and dont last. This one is a keeper, I use the #50 size cookie scoop. It is great for making even-sized cookies for baking quickly. It is a heavy-duty scoop that’s dishwasher safe too. Perfect size for cookies or even balling up fruit. 

Best Baguette Pan

 I usually don’t even have to grease it, my bread comes off of it super easy. If you want the bottom of the bread to brown using parchment helps. It says it’s rated for up to 450 but I use it at 500F and it’s holding up. Bends easily, so store it carefully

Best Cheese Keeper

This is a food-grade silicone cheese vault for the fridge with a divider. Its not a super big box but good to put in small pieces and leftovers.  It does prevent cheese from going bad. Just wish it was bigger. 

Best Handheld Frother

This is great battery-powered for milk frothing. Tho if you can splurge the electric one is def better. It isn’t really great for mixing powdered drinks tho. It is super quick adn well made. 

Best Electric Frother

Now this is the best frother I have ever used hands down! One touch and perfect every time. Plus its HOT milk foam great for coffee, hot chocolate,  and deserts. ITs nonstick and super easy to clean.

Best Wine Opener

Super easy to use without much effort. I keep this at our bar. It is also quick, compact and also inexpensive. 

Best Auto Wine Opener

It’s easy to grip and ergonomically comfortable when used. I like that it has the foil cutter included. It sits on my counter out of the way, on its charger base. It looks great and coordinates well with my stainless steel appliances. Recently I unplugged the charger from the outlet because I knew I wouldn’t have company for a while. But when I did have company it was fully charged and ready to go. This makes bottle opening so easy. I can’t believe I waited so long to go electric.

Best Red Wine Aerator

Buy this and pour two glasses of wine. One straight from the bottle and one with this aerator. The difference in taste and smoothness is SIGNIFICANT. It is not subtle. You will be hit immediately with the realization that without this aerator .You’ll never pour without it again.

Best Toaster Bags

Great toaster bags that are reusable. Make grilled cheese, heat up tots, pizza, and more in the toaster.  just rinse and reuse.

Best Bowl for Shells

This bowl is so nice. nuts on top to shells below. Great idea. No shells laying all over the place.

Best Bag Cinch

It’s the little things. Easily close bread bags and anything that comes in bags. Super quick and easy not much effort is needed. 

Best Oil Spray Bottle

I really like this except for the fact that it’s not a continuous spray! If I could change one thing about it is that it would do that! Otherwise it works great and is better for our planet then an aerosol spray!!

Best Deli Keeper

Best way to store deli meats and cheeses. It has a super air-tight seal and the grooved bottom keeps all excess juices and moisture away. Large enough to store alot. Obviously can store any leftover as well.

Best Airtight Storage

Takes a minute to figure out how to take apart the lid and put together correctly, but it is not hard. I had to buy a variety of sizes and sets to figure out what I needed and what would work for my particular kitchen needs. There are cheaper versions on the market, but I have stayed with this brand as they are definitely air tight and sleek looking.

Best Nonstick Griddle

Best griddle for camping, at home in an RV, etc. It’s so useful for cooking literary everything be it over a stove or over a camping grill. Heats evenly and easy to clean.

Best Ghee & Grease Keeper

This grease container works. Much better than the silicone grease containers. See what happens when you try to heat one of those up for easy-flowing use. Has a strainer too which is a plus.

Best Oven Liner

Best way to keep your oven clean. No one likes to clean the oven so this is a easy solution. You can also cut it to fit. Including to cut it to go over your burners on your stove or even toaster oven.

Best 7in Cleaver Knife

Every kitchen should have at least one amazing trusty knife that’s sharp and handles well for multi purpose. Stainless steel.

Best Modern Bento Box

This bento box was definitely worth the money. I was afraid i would get some flimsy plastic that stops sealing effectively after a short time of using it. The plastic is nice and durable and the clasp to close it feels secure. The main compartment is big enough for a standard sandwich with extra room and comes with a divider which i haven’t used yet. The side compartments hold a surprising amount of snacks because of how deep they are. The food tray comes out for easier washing.

Best Cast Iron Grill Press

Make smash burgers like a pro. Cleanup was also a breeze. I just hand-washed. To help build a little extra seasoning, I wiped it with a light coat of oil and set it on the burner for my stove on low for a bit, until it looked new again

Best Toaster

A Sleek modern versatile 4 slice toaster. You can fit in 2 full bagels, 4 pieces of toast, and 4 English muffins with ease. Does a nice even job toasting everything and thicker bread products are well protected from the heat so there is no burning. Easy pull out tray underneath collects crumbs well.

Best Reusable Towels

I like the absorbency and the durable versatility for cleaning projects these cloths have.  They don’t seem to dry flat though. These are extra soft when wet, not abrasive but strong enough.

Best Utensil Holder

This bamboo box is pretty, clean, and has tons of organizing for utensils.

Best Torch Lighter

Use this torch light to make creme brulee like a pro. The flame is adjustable and has a safty lock. Super easy to use and refill with butane.