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Best Rosin

Best rosin that you can use all season. For any string instrument.

Best Shoulder Rest

Simple shoulder rest. Best value for comfort, sound, and shifting.

Best Tuner

Most trusted reliable brand chromatic tuner. This tuner is great for all instruments, Guitar, Violin, Uke, etc…

Best Humidification 

This is the largest size of this product so it will hold a large amount of water without having to refill as often. DO NOT place into any instrument, This is best used placed only in the case during storage. Regardless of the instructions, if placed in an instrument it will concentrate to much water in one spot and damage the instrument.

Best Instrument Stand

If you like to keep your violin safe and not on the ground this is an easy solution while it is out for practice. takes up little space and its sturdy.

Best Note Bk Clip

Great for helping thick books stay open for playing music! Sturdy and easy to use.

Best Metal Clip

This music clip is super thick and has a g clef engraved on it. Great for holding your books open.

Best Plastic Clip

Another way open to help hold your books flat for practicing music. but this one is made of plastic and is a bit quicker though not as sturdy as the metal ones.

Best Tumbler

A great thermos cup for any music lover. leakproof too! Use with or without a straw!

Best Music Pillow

Super cute pillow to add to your couch or bed! For you, any music lover, or student! Great gift idea. 

Best Music Mug

Simple and a must-have for a music lover.

Best Extra Tall Stand

The best Metal TALL stand available. This one is for anyone who practices music standing up and accommodates students and professionals over 5″. (Also the only stand that is able to accommodate taller students. Ideally, the top of the stand should be as tall as the student)

Best Stand Extender

These extenders go right on the sides of your Manhasset music stand to give you plenty of room to layout four-page songs!

Best Music Stand Floor Protector

These fit right over the feet of a Manhasset stand to protect your floors! I wouldn’t have a stand without these!

Best 4pg Folder Stand
Place this 4 pg extender stand on any stand. Great for solos, orchestra, and even on a piano

Best Music Wide Bag

A great bag that fully zips up to carry all your music books!

Best Student Strings

A solid set of strings for even a beginner or advanced violinist. I would pair it with a Jargar E string for max potential. This is for a full size violin. 

Best Violin E String

My Favorite E-string band to pair with any string set. Just check if you have a ball or loop end E fine tuner. This one is for the ball end, however, super easy to take the ball out to make a loop end.   Also for a full-size violin. 

Best Advance Students String

Next level up for Dominant brand strings for a full-size violin. Again Pair with a Jargar E string for max potential. 

Best Professional Strings Set

The best professional set of strings I’ve used! Also paired with a jargar E string, for a full-size violin. 

Best Wireless Light

A Solid pick for lights to add to your music stand or piano, has 57 LEDs, and is USB c rechargeable.

Best Wired Light

Another great Led light choice, except this one, has a wire to plug in. The switches are by touch on and off.  Great for a piano!

Best Portable Light

Great portable light for your books or music stands and more. It folds up neatly and is small. Is micro USB rechargeable as well and bright!

Best Music Sock

What a great pair  of socks!

Best Bench Cover

Great piece of faux fur to put right on top of your favorite bench or chair. Adds a bit of cushion. Also, level up your style in the room with a bit of luxury decor. This also makes a cute statement rug. 

Best Wall Hanger 

Best Hanger for your wall to hold your instrument safely. During a practice session sometimes it makes sense to put your instrument down safely for a brief moment without having to pack it all up. 

Best Digital Metronome

Great portable metronome to use for practice. Korg is a great reliable brand that will last.  Helps you train a steady rhythm. 

Best Mechanical Metronome

There is something about being able to see the mechanical swing of the rod that helps people understand the rhythm and beats better than just the digital tones of the devices. This mechanical metronome delivers old-school vibes.

Best Travel Piano

Premium piano performance in a compact, portable, and affordable instrument. Less than 15lbs, 88-note keyboard with full-size keys and standard spacing. High-quality Bluetooth speakers for wireless smartphone connection. Includes sustain pedal, power adaptor, and music rest

Best Hygrometer

This hygrometer digital thermometer displays high/low temperature and humidity levels to allow you to make proper comparisons using your home’s data

Best Portfolio

Organize Up To 40 Music Sheets Fuss-Free: Unlike standard music file folders that only hold a few note sheets, the MECCALINE music file can hold up to 80 Letter-sized music sheets 8.5 x 11 inches.

Best Piano Label

These non-sticky silicone piano stickers can be laid on the piano keyboard directly and can be removed or replaced at any time 

Best Foldable 61 Keyboard

61-Key Digital Keyboard with built-in speaker, and a huge music library, which is perfect for all. It can be used by beginners and performers of different skill levels. This electronic piano is designed to be comprehensive. If you don’t want to disturb others, you can use the headphone mode.

Best Foldable 61 Keyboard

Creative foldable design which can be folded in half, Only weighs 4.4lb and measures 17.72inch in after folding. This piano is lightweight and portable, so it folds up for air travel, fits in the trunk, and is very convenient for everyday storage at home. It come with piano bag so you can take it anywhere you want at any time.

Best Foldable 88 Keyboard

Creative foldable design which can be folded in half, Only weighs 12.56lb and measures 26inch in after folding. This travel piano come with piano bag, it is easier to carry and to transport. You can enjoy playing anywhere anytime. Even if you just put it on the home, it doesn’t take up too much space.

Best Foldable 88 Keyboard

88 key is perfect for those who want to play piano anywhere. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to store. The unfolded size is 49.6*8*2.35inch, and the folding size is 24.8*8*4.7inch. It can be fully unfolded by simply unfolding both sides of the piano. It weighs only 8.8 lbs.

Note Speller 1

Note Speller 2

Violin Note Speller

Big Blue Note Speller

Winning Rhythms

Rhythmic Training

Rhythm Speller

Rhythm WB Primer

Rhythm WB Bk1

Rhythm WB Bk2

Rhythm WB Bk3

Rhythm WB Bk4

Excellence Theory Bk 1

Excellence Theory Bk 2

Excellence Theory Bk 3

Keynote Primer

Keynote Lv 1

Theory WB Primer

Theory WB 1

Theory WB 2

Theory WB Lv3
Theoryr WB Lv4
Alfred Theory
Practical Theory

Fingerpower Lv 1

Fingerpower Lv 2

Fingerpower Lv 3

Fingerpower Lv 4

Fingerpower Lv 5

Fingerpower Lv 6

Pop Primer

Pop Lv 1
Pop Lv 2
Pop Lv 3
Pop Lv 4
Fingerpower Primer


Gillock Preludes


Snell Etudes Bk 1

Minecraft Piano
Piano Game Songs
Piano Hits 2A
Piano Hits 2B
Suzuki Bk 1 Violin
Suzuki Bk 2 Violin
Suzuki Bk 3 Violin
Suzuki Bk 4 Violin
Suzuki Bk 5 Violin
Suzuki Bk 6 Violin
Suzuki Bk 7 Violin
Suzuki Bk 8 Violin

Faber Classic Lv1

Faber Popular Lv1

Gillock Accent Solo Complete Piano Bk

Manhasset Regular Stand