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Best Plant Stand

Super cute plant stand that is both stylish and functional. It can easily put pots up to 8 inch in diameter on any level. Overall it takes up less space than it looks and you can even put another plant pot at the base of it on the floor.

Best Plant Hanger

This is great for displaying your beautiful plants in a chic boho style.  Also makes a great gift! Sturdy and accommodates different sizes as well as different shapes of pots. 

Best Air Plant Pot

This is a magnet pineapple “pot” to hold any kind of air plant! Super festive matches any decor and yet adds a pop of color to any room! You can put it on a fridge or you can even hang it on any metal shelf. 

Best Mini Bunny Pots

I absolutely love these bunny pots! I bought multiple of these and have them on the window sills lined up in a row. The shape is so simple and has clean lines.  Easily put in succulents and small fairy-size plants. 

Best 3″ Plant Hanger

If you have a smaller window and still wanna fit some plants with style. This is the one whose modern geometric design still gives you clean lines with a bit of cozy. I have them in front of the kitchen sink window with string of turtles plants. Perfect for trailing plants that like mini pots. These pots are about 3 inches.

Best 6″ Plant Hanger

These are beautiful hanging pots.  Great for big windows. I have them centered in the windows and they make a strong statement piece. It is a plastic thick sturdy pot, easy to take out, and water as well if you prefer. I prefer bigger trailing plants like hoya compact rope for these. One would never suspect the pots are made of plastic!

Best Tall Grow Light

Hands down the best grow light I have owned, Note I have bought many different kinds.  The tone is Bright Sunshine no odd-looking reds or purple. They are sturdy and easily bend to direct them where you need them.  Bonus 12-hour timer built in. Mine have been going strong for over a few years now too! I have 6 of these hehe. 

Best Hanging Grow Light

This a greenie rated 10/10. Tested and loved for all indoor growing, seeds, veggies, tropicals and more! Best value for the price for grow lights all Hardware is included to hang from above or suspended from a work bench! Plus extra cords for usability. Also gives a clean organized look.

Best Double Window Shelf

Great for displaying plants in a window, and was very easy to assemble. Make sure when you’re done hanging that you tighten the piece at the top! It prevents it from tilting. 

Best 4″x12″ Window shelf

Need more space for your plants? wink Problem solved! Great for little pots to hang right on your window! Quick easy and sturdy. 

Best Mini Growlight Stand

Have a counter spot for a stand and grow light Combo? This is perfect it is a natural light wood with a adjustable height grow light stand. The light has a timer but in too! Great for a statement piece or gift.

Best Halo Growlight

Super Cute halo lights to use with one large pot or a in the middle over a few small pots. It has a built in timer and comes in a two pack!

Best 10″ Trellis

Simple, sturdy trellis. They are stackable and fit in 4-inch pots and bigger! For the price of two in your local store you get 24!

Best Medium Stand

Need more space for your plants? wink Problem solved! Stylish, sturdy and easy to put together. 

Best Prop Stand

Want to try propagating plants that are visually still pleasing? Yes, I got you! Looks great and makes great gifts! Get one or line up a few of these.

Best Hydro Kit

Want to grow herbs like a pro? Yup this will make it happen. Easy to use and compact enough to fit on your kitchen counter even without windows. Go ahead and bring your cooking to the next level. 

Best 4.5″ pot hanger

Let’s liven up your space with these modern ceramic pots that can hang on your wall. These are medium size pots just over 4 inches. Great for herbs in your kitchen or any extra plants you couldn’t leave the store without. 

Best 3.5″ pot hanger

 More cute ways to bring extra plants into your space. They hang right on your wall. This includes the hanging bar and the pots! Also a cute gift for anyone. these are about 3-inch pots ceramic for succulents, fairy plants or trailing string plants. 

Best 8′ Grow tent

This tent is definitely worth the money! It is a nice thick canvas style with reflective mylar inside. All pieces are included and simple instructions. It was very easy to set up. I had it up in probably five to ten minutes and was ready to put my light and plants in.

Best Heat Mat

We have several mats from them and use them for seed starting whether it’s veggies or anthurium. Good quality mat and the adjustable temperature actually works. 

Best 2″Net Pot

Net pots for Hydroponics & Aquaponics – UV Resistant & BPA Free Plastic. These are 2 inches and come in a 50-pack. Not all net pots have the small beveled lip that allows these to lock in place to a 2-inch hole cut out of a container. These worked much better than others. Great for rooting smaller plants.

Best Coir Moss Pole

Ok you brought home the cutest plant. Now it’s grown a bit out of control. Time to get things under control and give them something to climb on. These moss poles are conveniently easy to stack to the height you need. They go right into your pot and includes all the extras you need toattach them. 

Best 11″ Moss Pole

If wooden moss poles aren’t your thing… Try this alternative 11 inches tall plastic moss pole! Prevent anti-corrosion and wood rot over time. Also provides significant moisture retention. Easy to install just add moss (not included but check my link on here for moss!) and train your plants to grow upwards! You can choose 2, 4,12  packs. It can be customized by cutting it for height and can be extended. You need the depth of a 6” pot to sink the stakes properly but can easily just bury the pole without the stake for smaller pots. Easy to assemble. 

Best 24″ Moss Pole

Need a tall moss pole this is a great alternative 24inches tall plastic moss pole! Prevent anti-corrosion and wood rot over time. Also provides significant moisture retention. Easy to install just add moss (not included but check my link on here for moss!) and train your plants to grow upwards! You can choose 2 or 4 packs. It can be customized by cutting it for height and can be extended. The bonus comes with plant tape to help attach your plant.

Best Dried Moss

If you like to propagate plants this is your medium. I found a lot of stores that have moss that are brown in color or super hard and dry. These are green and soft! They stuff so much in one package as well that you likely will only need one.

Best Natural Lecca

Getting into hydro and need lecca? I got you. Use these clay pebbles as your “media” for hydro potting. (Pots for lecca are listed here as well!)Great for terrariums that need a drainage layer, great for rooting and or growing plants! Note: These are the more rock-like natural form that works great but are not pretty and perfectly round for showy pots. See the next lecca listed for the “pretty” kind. 

Best Round Lecca

Pretty Lecca you are looking for? These are pretty for bold display in showy pots. They are nice round clay pebbles for hydro potting! Won’t alter ph either. But as with all lecca quick rinse is required to get the dust from manufacturing removed. 

Best Inexpensive Soil

Easy to use Soil mix, great for actually all plants because its fast draining and has buit in fertlizer. Only plant I wouldn’t use it with is air plants like orchids. 

Best Pumice

Great pumice to add to your custom medium for better drainage. I would add 25% to regular and custom  potting mixes. It comes all uniformed 1/4 inch size. Quailty is great!

Best Rock Soil

A Great alternative to lecca and soil. Best for pots that are shallow and not deeper then 3inches. I use it for succulents and cactus plants.  Pro tip: Weight your pots before watering it and put it on a label on the pot. Then you will know when it needs to be watered. Its a fast way to know when your pots need to be watered and no soil prevents gnats. 

Best Black Lava Rock

Best Black lava rocks Ive found. They only take a few rinses to rinse clear. This was has a bunch of uses, for adding to cactus soil, soiless custom mixes,  for plants aquatic plants, and even in aquariums as bio media in a sump tank. 

Best Plugin Trap

Oh snap, you have fungus gnats, fruit flies, or flying insects? Here is a quick way to get rid of them. These plug right into your outlet without being an eyesore. 

Best 4″ Disco Pot

A super fun way to at a pop of style to your space. Perhaps by your home bar, reading nook, or literary anywhere. Also a great unique gift.

Best 3.5″ Pot w/Legs

Oh my, are these pots cute! You can put any plant in these. It will make you smile every time you spot it. 

Best 5.5″ Boho Pot

Going for a boho chic look? Yup this will be a must-have. Subtle and yet bold. This is also a bigger pots so holds a nice bigger plant too!

Best Duo Head Pot

oooh two pots in one.  A unique way to display your trailing plants. Need I say more.  

Best 3.75″ Head Pot

Here is the classic head pot in a modern chic design. Hard to find and yet goes with everyone’s decor style. 

Best Mini Hanging Head Pot

Finally, if you love head pots, here is one you can hang too! has a cute puppy on it for your pet lovers too. 

Best Glasses Head Pot

A great head pots for bigger plants, netural to so great for everyone. Even for that teacher, you have been meaning to grab a gift for or literary any holiday including wedding, housewarming, and that hard to shop for person.

Best Yellow Stickies

Got Gnats? Need to get these yellow stickies. They also work great for aphids and other pests.  Cut them to the size you want and have a steady supply for just incase. For the price of these in the store you get triple!

Best Fiddle Fertilizer

Got fiddle leaf Fig trees? Yes it would be best if you had this. I use this to water every time. They grow so healthy and fast!

Best Systemic

Also a must-have when you pot up your plants. Add a sprinkle of this and it will prevent all creepy crawlers. This bottle goes a long way. Add to establish plants too. Also a secret weapon. wink

Best Worm Tea

The “fertilizer” or supplement you didn’t know you needed for your plants. All plants too. indoor and outdoor. It is concentrated and this bottle will last forever. All plants love this and it makes everything grow bigger and faster. It is my secret weapon for growing plants. Use every other watering or every.

Best Insecticidal Soap

A must-have in your supplies. Whether it be a quick problem you just caught or you just bought a new plant from a store, or you just bought a new plant and want to make sure it is pest free before adding it to your collection. Just spray this as a precaution. It works immediately for indoor or outdoor plants, edibles, and even ants! It is organic too.

Best Plant Anti Stress & Food

Are you repotting a fussy plant or propping? This stuff is fantastic to help the plant not stress during a repot and propping! I had to repot a hydrophobic fiddle leaf and this helped immensely.  You can also add this to your regular feeding to any plants. Noticeable results!

Best for More Blooms

The secret to more blooms. I add some epsom salts in spring and late mid summer for more rose blooms and hydrangeas. Also great for veggie gardens like peppers and tomatoes.  Alot of other plants enjoy a sprinkle of this too!

Best Food Grade Pesticide

Want food-grade pesticide? Say no more. I use this along window sills inside the house. Along the perimeter of my garage inside and out. ontop of my plant sol. Dust it outside on my food gardens and flower beds, it does wonders to pests, anything with a exoskeleton. (note just don’t put it close to any actual flower blooms can irritate bees, the base of plants is ideal) 

Best DE Spreader in bulk

Wanna spread diatomaceous earth in large areas. This is the tool you will need. way better then a hand puffer. I use it for my veggie gardens outside in large sections. Also in the wooded areas and lawn for fleas and tick prevention!

Best Large Plant Stand

Need even more room for plants? This one accommodates hanging plants too and is super sturdy. Easy to put together no tools required everything comes with it.  Step up your game and get two for the full effect.

Best All-Purpose Fertilizer 

This is a great every plant kind of fertilizer and it’s organic. Just sprinkle some into your plant and water it. You can add this to water too. Doesn’t have a strong smell which is a plus. 

Best Moisture Meter

For those newbie greenies that wanna double check water levels. Easy to use just stick it in a few inches and leave for 10-15 mins! This is really important that most people don’t seem to explain.  Don’t leave it in the soil just when measuring.

Best Mushroom Pot

A great bigger pot that is simple yet has some personality. 

Best Hanging Hooks

Great size and sturdy hooks for your hanging pots. Bonus it comes in white too to look hidden on your white window frames or ceilings. 

Best 5.5″ Pot Set

A great value set of white clean simple ceramic pots that match. 5.5 inches for a good size as well to use on window sills with removable drip trays. 

Best 6″ Pot Set

A great value set of Black clean simple ceramic pots that match. 6  inches for a good size as well to use on window sills with removable drip trays.  Black pots are great for pink and purple plants to make them pop. 

Best Mini Cat Pots

A great set of little pots that is super cute for pet lovers. Show off those succulents, and trailing string of thing plants. 

Best Terrarium End Table

What a great way to display your plants and a furniture piece. Its 18″x18″27″. Sturdy and easy to put to assemble. 

Best Table Terrarium

A great size table terrarium thats 10x6x8. Fits a good bit and pretty to display. 

Best Bottle Terrarium

A great value set of Black clean simple ceramic potThis cute terrarium doesnt need much space. It looks amazing and holds a good bit of plants. 

Best Humidifer

A great humidifer to keep your plants happy. It is green too to blend in with your plants. Auto shutoff and on for 35 hrs!

Best DIY Macrame Feather

Plant lovers’ DIY decor! Great statement boho style piece. For you or to gift. 

Best Stand for up to 6.5″ Pots

Add some height with this stand for up to 6.5-inch pots. It is adjustable and you can even flip it upside down to use it for shorter or taller height

Best Seed Template

Wonder how to get that clean and organized outdoor garden? This is the cheat to space your plants perfectly. It is color-coded and has extras to help you get your seeds perfect and efficiently use space. 

Best 3-in1 Collection

What a great reference guide to everything you need to know about backyard gardening, foraging, medicinal plants, and more.  I got this book and couldn’t put it down I read it all in one shot. So much knowledge, including recipes! This local upstate NY author puts everything you need to know in this collection of three books. 

Best Color plastic Labels

Great Plastic tags that are waterproof to use indoors or outside. Just grab a sharpie and mark your seedlings or plants name. and they easily stick into the dirt.

Best Simple Labels

Great waterproof white tags that are simple and clean for adding identities of your seedlings and plants to keep organized. Also includes a bonus marker to use. 

Best Mini Humidfer

This portable humidfier its not much bigger then a tumbler and holds 500ml of water.  Thats about 5 avg size water bottles. The duration of the spray can last up to 12 hours and the intermittent spray can last up to 18 hours. Great for your indoor plant cabinet! or even by your bed or at a hotel!

Best Repotting Mat

If you like gardening you probably pot a lot of plants. This makes it  quick and mess free. Everything is contained in this mat. After using it easily rolls up an packs away. When you need it, the corners just snap into place, and it is waterproof too!

Best Bug Spray for Clothing

This Spray adds a layer of protection to your clothing and gear with Permethrin insect and tick repellent spray. Perfect for use on shirts, jackets, pants, socks, shoes, boots, sleeping bags, tents, netting, when outdoors, camping, hunting, or on travel

Best Mesh Jacket for Bugs

The outdoors gardening world means you have to deal with bugs. But this airy jacket, it protects you from bug bites even from no-see um bugs!

Best Insect Repellent

This lotion repells insects and its even safe enough for pregant women to use!

Best Scarf to Repel Insects

An amazing scarf that is fashionable in different colors. As well as effective for repelling insects! a must for gardening, camping, and any outdoor activities.

Best Insect Yard Control

This is an amazing spray to control insects in your garden and yard without pesticides! It also shows promising as a cure for fruit tree leaf curl! It helps kill fungus on plants! 

Best Gallon Sprayer

This is a durable 2-gallon chemical resistant poly tank sprayer. Easy to fill with a funnel top and doesnt leak.

Best Foragers Guide

This book is great and makes a great gift idea for your plant lovers. It has colored pages with tons of pictures. For plant identification, recipes, and medicinal uses for wild plants.

Best Herbal Remedies

What a great book to help teach you the medicial uses of wild plants you can find right outside. Lots of colored pictures, 181 healing plants, lichens and mushrooms in the US.

Best 2-pk Plush

For the plant lovers that have everything, add some of these cute plushes to your decor! Comes in a set of two.

Best Measuring Set

Can’t get enough greenie stuff. add this to your kitchen counter for a functional kitchen measuring spoon that is also plant theme!

Best Smart Composter

Be wowed by the worlds first smart kitchen composter. Super easy to use and makes it something you will actually use and great for your garden at the same time. 

Best Heirloom Seed set

If you like outdoor gardening and want to conveniently have all the types of seeds you need for a full garden. Check out this seed pack 100% USA HEIRLOOM,OPEN POLLINATED, NON HYBRID, raw, chemically Untreated garden vegetable seeds. I love that I don’t have to shop around and get it all in one.