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Last updated 7/28/23

Best for Anxiety & Stress

Great product. Really helps with evening out moods.

Best Elderberry, VitC  & Zinc Gummy.

This is a must-have on your amazon subscribe and save list! Great for building immunity! Easy to take and a tasty treat as well. Just two take daily to help support your immune systems and prevent colds!

Best Probiotic to help lactose intolerance

If you have sensitivities to lactose or digestion issues this is a great supplement. It should be stored in the fridge for potency. Supporting the breakdown, delivery, and utilization of nutrients obtained from diet. I can notice results with this overall. 

Best for Lactose Intolerance

These caplets break down milk sugar to reduce discomfort from dairy sensitivity due to lactose. The easy-to-swallow pill is certified Kosher and is suitable for both adults and children, ages 4 and up. Just take it with your first bite or dairy. Works great for me.

Best for UTI

If you are prone to UTIs this is a must-have in your medicine cabinet. When taken regularly, D-mannose promotes normal urinary tract function by cleansing and maintaining the health of the bladder lining.  I noticed it helps so much faster then cranberry juice alone.

Best B Vitamins

Best Complete B- Vitamin from a clean company. Bonus it also includes folate, biotin, and choline! All active for easy availability to you body tissues.

Best Mens Multi Vit

The best multivitamin for men. It is plant-based, bio active and organic! Also non-GMO, vegan, and complete from a clean company. 

Best Pill Box

Best pill box I’ve used. The clasp holds well and it contains a lot for being small. Great it comes in two different sizes as well in one purchase. 

Best Prenatal Vitamin

I compared over 10 of the top-rated prenatal vitamins. This one has the most complete list of vitamins recommended, including vitamins K, E, D, iron, 1 mg folate, Biotin, and more.  The only thing missing is DHA and omega which can be easily added later when needed. There is 3 capsule to take daily, but it’s the normal size which makes it manageable.  You can take 2 instead of 3 and still have essential vitamins. 

Best Prenatal Gummy

This is the most complete prenatal gummy vitamin I found out there. Flavors are great and easy to take when pills are not an option. 

Best Pregnancy Test

Super easy to use, with a countdown that makes it less stressful a wait. Super clear results with the digital screen no doubts. Also able to take it up to 5 days sooner! 

Best Ovulation Test

Super easy to use, Easy to read, and accurate. Super clear results with the digital screen no doubts. 

Best Knee Brace

A great brace for relieving stress off your knew and it is easy to put on. No slipping it on like a sock which is so inconvenient. For the price, it is a good value, holds up well. a little bulky but after a bit you don’t even feel it. I used it for weeks no wear. 

Best Ankle Brace

I sprain, twist, and roll my ankles a lot, unfortunately, and have tried every type of brace style ever made. This is by far my favorite. it is super quick and easy to put on. It has just enough support and works on either side. Small and packable. Easy to wash in a machine and one size actually fits all. 

Best Prevent Hangover Pill

This works! Take it with a full glass of water after drinking. Simple and wake up like a daisy the next day.

Best Hydration in a Pill

Just like the label says serious rehydration in a pill. It is like Gartorade but in a pill form. For those who can’t seem to drink enough water but are still dehydrated. Rapidly replaces electrolytes and fluids lost from sweating, exercising,  

Best Charcoal Pill

Charcoal pills are great to have in your medicine cabinet. Use in case of bloat, food poisoning, or any kind of flu. The charcoal will absorb toxins and flush it out of your system faster. Shorten the length of tummy issues, any cases of flu, food poisoning etc. Tons of uses. 

Best Itch Relief

Hands down the easiest way to relieve itch. Easy to apply and quick relief.

Best Peroxide Rinse

Have a mouth sore or cut. This will help it heal faster. Bonus it also helps whiten teeth. 

Best Tea Tree Soap

This soap is great with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.  

Best Super Beets

Feel Energized For The Day. This helps blood flow, supports healthy blood pressure, and increased energy levels to help power you through your day. It’s a plant-based, clean,  vitality without caffeine.

Best Working Hand Cream

Do you rock climb, or do hard laboring work with your hands? This powerful healing is for treating dry, chapped skin, chafing, abrasions, scrapes, and cuts. With no skin softeners and saves calluses. Super moisturizers for fast relief.

Best 1st Aid Kit

Best 1st aid kit that’s also waterproof. For backpacking, boating, and travel.

Best Instant stitches

The best non-invasive, painless, alternative to stitches for the treatment of small cuts and lacerations. Be prepared when accidents happen. Def a must-have in 1st aid kits.

Best Wrinkle Serum

The best face serum I’ve ever used. Great for wrinkles I saw results in only a couple weeks!

Best Burn Relief

Got a burn? This is hands down the fastest burn relief. With pain relief and moisturizers. 

Best Insect Repellent

Fragrance-free topical insect repellent with 20% Picaridin — more effective at repelling biting flies than DEET. Safe for even pregnant women. Non-greasy dries quickly, and won’t damage plastics, fabrics or synthetic coatings 

Best Back Heating Pad

This Heating pad warms up quickly to temporarily soothe and reduce muscular pain and stiffness. You can easily adjust between 4 heat settings that range from 110-140°F with the built-in ergonomic LED controller. A convenient 2-hour shut-off conserves energy and prevents the pad from overheating.

Best For Blemishs

The one-step, easy-to-use,  effective way to target your oily blemishes. Hydrocolloid patches create the ideal conditions and optimum environment for your zit to go away. Just put it on for 6+ hrs or overnight. I find it works best for white heads.

Best Toner

The best toner I’ve used for combination skin. Even takes off makeup. 

Best Eye Cream

Best eye cream I’ve used overall. For dark circles and fine lines. Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Phthalate-Free, Fragrance-Free, Vegan

Ps: Their light hearted broad SPF 30 sunscreen is also other best face spf Ive ever used, all clean ingredients and no white cast!

Best Winter Moisturer

This is the best facial moisturizer I have ever used. It is very thick and heavy, but you really can feel the moisturizing benefits after a short time. Some complain it is sticky, but this stuff is very soothing and I love that my face feels soft all the time. It has improved the texture of my skin, solved all my dry itchy problems, and my face looks and feels very smooth. You only need a little dab, so I think this jar will last quite awhile. It’s a great Sunday Riley product.

Best Face Lotion

Best Rapid Charge C wire